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Here you will find all of my created characters and possible face claims to come. I am always open to brainstorming on a new roleplay with any of my characters, rather they are in a thread already or not. I do have profiles for them in their tabs to tell you more about each one. If you read their profiles and still have questions my PMs are always open or of course, you can just reply here! If you see a face claim that I have, but it doesn't yet have a profile or tab of its own to tell you about it then it probably isn't a developed character at that time. Although! I am more than happy to hear your suggestions should you want to roleplay with that particular face claim. I hope you enjoy looking around and have a wonderful day~!​
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Asmodia - Queen of Lust

Top: Left - Normal | Middle - Anger | Right - Fraud
Middle: Left - Gluttony | Middle - Greed | Right - Heresy
Bottom: Left - Limbo | Middle - Treachery | Middle - Violence


Species • Demon


Super Speed - They can move faster than the eye can see, able to appear and disappear in an instant.
Super Strength - A succubus has greater strength than a human and is able to lift a grown man with one hand
Kiss of Death - A succubus has the ability to steal life force energy from victims via a kiss. This action usually results in the death of normal humans if the succubus is a novice, but over time, it can be controlled.
Super Stamina - They can fight and make love vigorously without tire.
Healing Factor - They fully heal from most wounds, including stabs and gunshots.
Lust Empowerment - By having sexual intercourse, a succubus is able to grow stronger and heal faster due to stealing life force energy.
Dream Walking - Throughout lore, succubi have been able to appear in the dreams of men in order to seduce them.
Supernatural Beauty - The succubus will be beyond the beauty of a normal human woman and is completely irresistible to men.
Sexual Inducement: Succubi have the ability to illicit sexual arousal within males to make them instantly crave sexual interaction, most likely through touch.
Immortality - As demons, Succubi are immortal.
Shapeshifting - Since they are seducers, they can change shape to match an individual's view of beauty, making it easier to tempt.

Anger Embodiment - Users can become a physical manifestation or personification of anger in their reality and gains power from the anger in others or oneself. Users can use anger and endless rage as a power source to extend their lifespan or as a weapon. They can become immune to death unless certain conditions are met.
  • Without endless rage/anger, the user is weakened.
  • Releasing anger can weaken the user.
  • The user may attack/destroy anything or anyone when enraged.

Gluttony Inducement - User can induce hunger and extremes of gluttony in others such as over-indulgence and over-consumption of food, drink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste. The victim is unable to focus into anything else than fulfilling their hunger.

Heresy Inducement - The user can induce heretical thoughts into others to totally disobey their own faith or religion and embrace a darker path and can gain new strong and foreign powers. The user's powers may also grow stronger but may also become darker and more twisted.

Violence Aura - The user can generate an aura of violence that can amplify/induce aggression on beings inside their aura and gain power from the emotions.
  • The user must be able to feel/experience aggression.

Fraud Embodiment - The user of this power can become the embodiment of fraud and can deceive others with their lies and trickery. The user can influence the truth of what anyone says to make it a lie and can also become anyone to gain influence over powerful people and gain status.
  • The user may need to be deceived for their powers to be active.

Treachery Embodiment - The users are the embodiment of treachery, they are only loyal to themselves or have other reasons use this power to get around and infiltrate enemy lines so they can destroy them from the inside. The user may also manipulate others into fighting each other for the sake of accomplishing their own goals. Then at the proper opportunity, the user can eliminate any loose ends.

Limbo Lordship - The ability to pull souls from Limbo and return them to Earth for a temporary amount of time.

Greed Manipulation - User can sense and manipulate the greed, covetousness, and avarice of themselves, people, animal, and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling greed, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level.
Sub Powers

~ Hoarding Inducement - Increase a person's greed to the point where they begin to collect and hoard everything they can obtain.
~ Spending Inducement - Increase a person's greed to make them buy whatever they can with whatever money they can find, even if it is not always their own.
~ Subconscious Manifestation - To cause the user's desires and greed-fueled wishes to spill over into reality.

Age • She would be around 480K

Gender • Female

Sexuality • Heterosexual


Height and Weight • 6'0 & 145lbs

Identifying Features • Her eyes, most of the time they are silver, this is also when she is in her everyday appearance. When she is on a rampage, they are pitch black. When in her Queen form they are deep purple. Purple also goes with her battle for as well.

Overall Appearance • Asmodia stands to be six feet tall, rather tall for a normal human female, but as she is of the demon kind that's pretty standard for a female demon. Her eyes of being silver, pitch black, or a deep purple. Changing with whatever form or mood she is in. Watch out should they turn pitch black while aimed at you. Her body is rather curvy, having a decently sized rack and hips. She is the epitome of sexual desires.

- Dradiro, her lover and commander of her demon army. (@K1ngL3gendz)

- Her business of running the Deviant Ecstasy Nightclub and the Burlesque Club next door.

- Nalia, her direct underling and right hand in Hell. (@Alcyone)

- Hexus, her beloved hellhound.

- Her sister, Avari. The ruler of Circle of Greed (@Alcyone)

- Her sons, which are fraternal twins just like their mother and aunt are. Their names: Kyron and Adonis.

- Sex, lots and lots of sex. But only with Dradiro.


- Those who trespass onto her territory, which means Dradiro.

- Paperwork

- For anyone to touch her girls. They mean the world to her and she would murder in cold blood for them.

Strengths • Her powers. In her battle form, they are at their strongest and can match almost anything. Asmodia does have a good bit of stamina.

Weaknesses • As she is not the most powerful thing in either realm, Earth or Hell, she does have limits as to how far she can push herself.

Dreams • She has them already. Being Queen of the Circle of Lust and running her two businesses.

Fears • To be found out that she isn't in her realm of Hell and losing her clubs.

Overall Personality • Asmodia is fun. Plain and simple. She likes to drink Hell Water, the only thing that will get her even buzzed. Loves to dance and be around her girls as they have fun. You can normally find her at the bar or her office. If she is in her studio apartment, you may not want to enter. *wink* Her newest muse is Dradiro and she has come rather possessive of the hybrid. He can most certainly rally her inner beast without even trying at times.

On the flip side of that same coin, Asmodia is also a Queen of Lust. A demon to her sin. She craves touch, rather it is sensual or rough. In her circle of Hell, she commands attention and sexual desire towards her. If she is on the battlefield, she is without mercy. Only cold unfeeling eyes take place of her usually warm and inviting look.


Father • Unknown

Mother • Unkown

Siblings • Avari, Queen of the Circle of Greed.

Important Beings • (New) Her twin sons, Kyron and Adonis.

Overall History

Circle of Lust, Realm of Hell
"Forwards", the female at the top of the hill shouted to her army, fangs unsheathed in a snarl. Covered in black spiked armor, blood already dripping from the tips. A sword that would have normally been too heavy for another woman to weld in her hand as she pointed it towards the blood-colored sky. Legions of armored demons marched forwards onto the battlefield that waited for them. Standing proudly as the troops moved onwards to face yet another wave of the current King of Lust army. He had failed to believe that anyone else would want his throne. His place in Hell. Tired of being a torture demon, she wanted the spot of his. So she rallied many, gathered them under her command and mobilized them. Now they moved towards the current rulers' last stand of his army. His weak army.

Looking down to the Hellhound pack leader that stood beside her, the pack's leader named Hexus, "go and find the king within the castle. Corner and hold him until I get there." Hexus howled in rallying his pack and sped forwards. The hellhounds following him. She watched as the battle progressed for several moments. Demons ripping each other apart. Tearing others limp from limp. Whistling a skeleton horse with black armor and purple fire within his ribs came running up. Mounting the steed she kicked him into lopping gear. The horse snorted and charged through the crowd of fighting demons. Swinging her word as she ran through, lobbing off heads as she would pass by.

Finally, she reached the castle doors, her men had already invaded and cut down the castle guards. She prowled into the throne room, where she knew she would find Hexus and his pack. Stalking towards the ruler, Hexus had his fangs sunk into the shoulder of the man. Holding him still as two other hounds had their hands into his forearms. "You have run this circle like shit, all the other rulers laugh at you. They do not hold respect for your name or our circle. I am here to relieve you of your duties as Ruler and King", she didn't give him a moment to speak. Instead, she spun on a heel and cleaved his head from his shoulders with her sword. Stopping with her arms spread wide, head bowed, and eyes closed. Opening her eyes she stood up, within that moment a burning sensation on her forehead carved an upside down moon in her skin. It was colored black. She could feel new raw powers flow into her veins. A fang filled smile broke across her face as she realized she had gathered the powers of the previous ruler. Turning back to the headless body, a wicked grin pulled at her lips, "eat him." The hellhounds howled in joy as they drug the body off to be devoured.

The demons around her began to shout in triumph, "Queen Asmodia!" Taking her throne as the men rejoiced.

Present Day
A year had passed since Asmodia had met Dradiro and her and her sister had reunited. A year after their reunion the twins took over Hell. Collecting all the powers of the sins from each circle in Hell they gained a new form, Queen of the Nines. Also within this year, Dradiro Demos and his sister, Crystal, had moved into her palace within the Circle of Lust, Asmodia's circle. Still running the nightclub and burlesque lounge on Earth, granted now she let her direct underling, Nalia, and Dradiro's sister help her when she wasn't around or to busy in her circle.
When it came to Dradiro, Asmodia had fallen for him. His charms and crooked smile capturing her heart with ease. Just after he had returned from overthrowing the other circles with her sister, Dradiro had proposed to her. Asmodia happily accepted. Once he was ready, Dradiro had to pass the Tournament of Nines. A test that was to prove he was worthy to have Asmodia's hand in marriage. Should he win he would then also be able to soul bond with her.
Dradiro has won the tournament! Now he and Asmodia will be married. To add to their good news they are pregnant with twins. The twins being born in nine months. Having expanded their territory into a rather large mansion that was recently bought. The home was named Sanctuary, it houses demons that are in need of help and protection.

Realm of Earth
"Just sign here and here and one more time over here. That's it! You now own the building Mrs. Asmodia", the man smiled at her as her purchase was now final. She had brought the seven thousand square foot building. It was enormous and located in the most wonderous spot. Right smack in the middle of a strip mall. Taking the keys from the broker she waved him off and then ran inside to see the possibilities that could be. Asmodia knew she wanted it to be a nightclub for everyone. Something that demons and humans can come and enjoy the atmosphere together. Finding salvation and damnation in each other. It made her so excited to now not only rule the Circle of Lust but now have her own domain in the Realm of Earth. She giggled with excitement as she ran to her own office and began to plan out her future here.
The day had come when Dradiro and Asmodia wished to expand their home once again. So out they went and bought an estate for them to live in instead of their apartment in the nightclub. Going even further, they collected two condo towers should others be in need of a place to stay. Upon partnering up with the Vampire Queen Lilith, another building was bought that had been a remodeled brothel and bar.
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Morrigan - Serial Killer
Lover to Jameson (@Alcyone)


Species • Human

Power • No power but her favorite weapon is a knife. Her calling card is the same as her lovers: Tag. You're it.

Age • 29 years old

Gender • Female

Sexuality • Heterosexual


Height and Weight • 5'7 & 140lbs

Identifying Features

Overall Appearance


Likes • When she gets to spend time with James

Dislikes • When James has to leave or when people scream while their being dragged off.

Strengths • Seductiveness, can easily seduce men. Definitely the ones she likes to go after, the unfaithful.

Weaknesses • Well, she is a woman, so physically she isn't strong enough to take out full grown men on her own. But that's what the make chloroform for, right?

Dreams • To someday have a family of her own, and for their game to always continue.

Fears • For James to be caught or their game to end.

Overall Personality • Morrigan is rather, off. Her bubbly seems fake and there is a touch of obsessiveness to her. A bit of insanity, slightly unhinged. When she is with or around James when she seems the calmest and grounded.


Father • Brian | Dead

Mother • Jennifer | Dead

Siblings • No

Important Beings • John, her (dead) ex-lover.

Overall History

Morrigan was an only child of her parents. Since they ran one of the biggest franchises her family was rich. Seeing how they had plenty of money she got everything she wished for, or that was until she met John Wicker. He was drop-dead gorgeous and devilishly handsome, not to mention smart when it came to business. Morrigan was so in love with him, so she pursued him relentlessly until finally he noticed her and asked her hand in marriage. There wasn't a second thought in her mind, she said yes and six months later the couple was one. Morrigan was the happiest she had ever been. Since John was also a successful businessman like her father she was able to stay home and live her life of luxury with the man she fell so hard for.

Then tragedy struck..

"How dare you", Morrigan screamed the question at him. Her heart torn into pieces, tears streaming down her face. "I loved you faithfully, whole-heartedly. With all of me! Yet, you go and do this", she pointed at the pictures her private investigator had taken for her. The pictures detailed how close he was to his secretary. It had been months since John had been home on time and almost every other week a business trip that lasted for 2 or 3 days. Morrigan was a blonde, but she wasn't dumb enough to fall for his tricks. It was easy enough to walk in and ask for the companies bank statement that she would need for John. That's when she started to notice that things didn't add up to her. So she hired a private investigator, paying for it from the trust fund her parents had for her. What he had turned up for her made her blood boil with rage, but it also made her mind snap. The anger taking over the moment he stepped through the front door of their luxurious apartment, that she paid for. Come to think of it, he had hardly contributed anything money wise to their relationship. She had done it all. That only added to her fire. John tried to turn the situation around on her, "why are you spying on me? Do you not trust me?" Her jaw dropped at his questions, "trust you?! Hell no I don't trust you now! I did, I used to, but you fucked that up! And now.. you'll pay for it."

It was then that the paralysis began to work in her favor. John had made a drink earlier before their argument started and having expected him of cheating for a decently long time. Morrigan was prepared for this. Since she was a decent size smaller than her, she had to get him to go down somehow. So she put an extract of the famous Hemlock plant into his drink while he looked away. Morrigan watched as the poison began to slowly take over his body. He caught onto it once his body wouldn't move. Before he could speak another lie to her, his entire body was paralyzed. Falling from his chair and into the floor. Morrigan walked over to him and bent down so they were face to face,"I told you, you'll pay for what you did." Knowing he was now unable to speak or move she laughed.

(History still a WIP)
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Species • Soulless Guardian/Dark-Hunter

Power • Has heightened senses and can speak to the dead

Age • Is immortal but looks to be around 22 years old

Gender • Female

Sexuality • Heterosexual


Height and Weight • 5'11 & 140lbs

Identifying Features • Scars along her back and shackle marks on her wrist from her enslavement.

Overall Appearance • Vixaria is a sight to behold. Born of true beauty and grace, she wasn't always as she is today. Enslaved and tortured on a daily basis, Vixaria had spent many a night in the barracks of gladiators who took her body as their own for a night. As of present day, she is a picture of mystic beauty, her long blonde hair cascading down her back in soft waves. Cobalt blue eyes pierce the hearts of many who look into them. Standing above the average height of a woman at 5 feet and 11 inches, she definitely stands out. Her weight is of the 140lbs caliber with her full body of curves so seductive. Vixaria's skin is tan in color, but it isn't unnatural as there are no lines on her body since it's her true color. Her tongue is pierced.


- Quiet nights
- Coffee
- Sleep
- Her 1969 Chevy Chevelle
- Her twin blades
- Tattoos
- Kane, her German shepherd

- Artemis, her boss lady
- Demons
- Nosy humans
- Weak men
- Drama girls
- Daylight
- Not getting enough sleep

- Uses her guides to help search for her targets
- Very intuitive

- Kids
- Pregnant women

Dreams • To one day have her soul returned to her from Artemis by someone who is pure of heart and loves her truly.

Fears • To become a Shade and wander the Nether realm for eternity with no peace.

Overall Personality • Overall quiet and normally rather serious. On the flip side, she can be rather fun once she gets to know someone. Can sometimes come off as an Alpha type personallity.


Father • Kyrian | DEAD

Mother • Tressa | DEAD

Siblings • Dax | DEAD (is spirit guide for Vixaria)

Important Beings • Jaymes, her dead spouse.

Overall History • Born to a pair of madly in love parents who were both once slaves and had bought their freedom. Vixaria was a healthy baby girl. As the only child for 4 years, she soon came to have her first best friend in the world in her brother Dax. The would play in their orchard and help with household chores. Until one night when their house was raided by soldiers of another country who had declared war on their homeland. Her mother and father slaughtered before her and her brother's eyes they were then taken into slavery and split apart. It had torn Vixaria’s heart into pieces that she had lost everything.

Sold to a man who worked in the gladiator business, she was to take care of the men and see to their needs. At the age of 18, it was a harsh life. She constantly wore shackles on her ankles and wrist to keep her from running away should she try. As she spent time with her master's gladiators she grew close to one names Jaymes. He was passionate towards her and never hurt her or touched her. They fell in love as the years passed. Soon Jaymes was able to buy their way out of slavery with the winnings he had saved up. They quickly moved away from the city and the roar of the stadiums' crowd. The two had a beautiful son named Nickclouse. Sadly, it was all short lived.

As they all laid in their beds, a racket had stirred the animals and soon the villas front door was kicked in and yet again Vixaria had watched as her family was to be struck down before her. This time she wasn’t taken into slavery, but she was killed. At the moment of her death, Artemis had heard Vixaria’s soul scream so loud that it shook the goddess temple. Appearing before Vixaria, the goddess was stunning. With long hair of fiery locks that cascaded down her back and a body of seductive curves.

Poor soul, let me help you”, Artemis’s voice rolled off her tongue in a thick accent,”I offer you an Act of Vengeance, only one and after you have taken your vengeance you shall serve me in the war against the demons who threaten mankind. You shall forever walk alone. You will be in the world but never seen nor heard. Deadly and silent. You will be a Dark-Hunter.

Vixaria thought it over for just a split second, then nodded,”yes goddess, I accept your bargain.” With that Artemis touched her between her shoulder blades and captured her soul, leaving a mark of a double bow and arrow. It stung for a moment, but once the pain was over Vixaria was on her feet with a new flame in her heart.