Storm's Little Space

As always to start of a little bit about myself.
Male early thirites and been rping off and on for about 16 years I would say. Been out of the game for a little bit but I am looking to knock the rust off. Before I get into any of the good stuff let me list my go and no gos so as I wont waste your time.
Keep in mind I am doing this from my phone and autocorrect doesnt catch everything so sorry if you catch a typo every now and then.

Have good length and detail. I need something to work on and I have a hard time going off anything less the three.

Be willing to talk and work with me. You have an idea I want to hear it. I am here to make friends and have fun and enjoy talking to my parterns outside of the rp.

If you get bored just say so and don't ghost. Get's me worried.

I don't do MxM romance....sorry tried it but not my thing.

Now that is out of the way I do Mxf and FxF but my women tend to by tomboys so fair warning.

I do almost everything under the sun. Fantasy, supernatural, modern, sci fi, futuristic, you name it

As for pairings it would take me forever to list so i will keep it simple. Want vampires, werewolves, and humans I got you. Want just werewolves and humans that sounds good too. Demons, witches, magic done that as well so lets get creative.

Want esponiage....guess want I enjoy it. Feeling more medieval and want Kings, queens, dragons and that lot then lets go raid some castles.

Also i am up for hearing your ideas as well and would love nothing more then to bring them to life if I can.

This will be added onto each day but there is too much for me to try do one complete list tonight.
Pick me! Pick me! :)

I think we've already gotten a pretty good conversation going on Discord, so if that's okay, we can continue working out details there, or we can do it here, or in PM :)

Let me know :)