Heaven To Hell and the Grecian Isles

Bright red hair was spotted by Hope as Cassandra descended the stairs from Asmodia's office. As soon as the hybrid got close enough, she called out to her. "Cass! Someone came by looking for you. Something about trouble at home? They left you a note." Cassandra took the folded paper from her fellow bartender with a word of thanks. She stepped behind the bar, but remained off to the side a little so she wouldn't be in Hope's way. Unfolding the paper, her ocean eyes scanned the words with growing disbelief.

Dearest Cassandra,

There has been some issues with the individuals we last spoke of. It's time to come home. We must finish this, now, before more damage is done. You know where I'll be waiting.


Cassandra stared at the paper in her hands, a stunned expression on her face. How did it all go so backwards so quickly? There was no time to waste. She strode over to Hope and informed her of her pending absence, note clutched tightly in her fist. At Hope's confirmation of being able to handle everything for however long she needed, she took a much needed breath of relief. With everything squared away in the club, it was time to leave. There was no telling how long it would take. Cassandra hoped it wouldn't be long as she had truly begun to think of Sanctuary as home. Now, she was headed to her other home. Pushing through the crowd, she made her way outside and to a safe spot. With a simple thought, she glowed with a soft light and her form changed, looking far more like the angel she was half of. She closed her eyes and, thinking of her destination, she vanished from view. When she next opened her eyes, she couldn't help the smile on her lips. Cassandra ran forward, jumping into the arms of the angel waiting for her, a laugh bubbling up. Strong arms caught her easily and she heard him laugh as well. After a moment, she pulled back to look up at the angel who had raised her.

"I've missed you. Hopefully we'll have time to catch up later. Tell me what's been happening. What set all this off?!" He sighed at her question and ran a hand through his hair.

"Someone found out who you're working for and leaked it to whomever would listen. They think it's your father all over again." Cassandra looked offended.

"So just because I'm working in a club that happens to be owned by someone they feel is an enemy, I deserve to be judged the same? I don't fucking think so. If this is the shit going on here, I'm not surprised anymore that I ran into Azrael running his own business." It was his turn to look stunned.

"You ran into who?! You do know--"

"That he was one of the most dangerous angels? That he was friends with my father? I know all of that. Business is business, he just happened to come into the club with a proposition for the owner. She wasn't there so it fell to me to handle. This is entirely beside the point. What's going on?" He sighed and led her over to sit while he explained everything that had transpired since the identity of her employer had been brought to light. As he spoke, she grew more and more frustrated and angry. Eventually, she grew so distressed that she stood back up and began to pace. When he had finished, she whirled around and grit her teeth.

"You know what's going to happen. You knew before you even told me. You knew what telling me would do. Why tell me?" He stood up and walked to her, placing his hands on her arms. He knew she was beyond calming now, so he merely hoped to assure her.

"Because you needed to know. Because I care about what happens to you, you know that. You have many on your side, saying the same things you have. We will stand with you. The tyranny of those who think judging on surface truths must end, Cass. Are you ready?" She took a deep breath, knowing that despite her much younger age in comparison to those willing to stand next to her, she would be looked to as the leader. Cassandra opened her glowing ocean blue eyes and looked up at her surrogate father, nodding sharply.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Michael. I can't imagine you being very vocal in all this, considering." She gave a slight smirk. "Have you been hiding behind the image they hold of you until you reached me?" At his feigned innocent look, the worst of her anger melted as she laughed and once again hugged her uncle. Her next words were muffled against his chest, but he heard them nonetheless. "Are you sure I'm the right one for this? After everything?"

"I've never been more sure of anything. Except maybe Gabriel being annoying." She laughed and pulled away, running a hand through her hair. Cassandra opened her mouth to speak again, but was cut off by someone knocking on the door. She turned her gaze from the door to Michael as he took the initiative to walk over to it. He opened it just far enough to peer out, rolling his eyes as he swung the door wide and stepped back. A score of angels filed into the room, led by none other than--

"Gabriel!" Cassandra shouted his name, laughing, and gave him the same enthusiastic hug Michael had received. He caught her and used the momentum to swing her around, a wide grin on his features. Setting her back on her feet, he pressed a quick kiss to her head.

"Hey, kiddo. Been a while. You ready to go do this? There's not a whole lot of time before things go crazy. Hopefully nothing spills over anywhere else." She nodded, both agreeing with him and affirming that it was time to begin.


Cassandra was exhausted. She had been fighting other angels for hours with little end in sight. Talks had gone awry, but she had at least managed to sway another half of those that had originally stood against her. Once they had heard her side, they had seen reason. She had nearly tripled the number of angels standing with her, willing to fight against the injustice attempted against her. Zachariah, of course, led the charges against her. She couldn't be less surprised with that. He always had disliked her, both for being a hybrid and for being Lucifer's daughter. It made a good many angels dislike her, but Zachariah always took it too far.

A high pitched whistle of metal cutting through the air to her right warned her of the incoming attack, and she nearly didn't raise her own blade in time. She shoved back against the blade with the strength she could muster, pushing the angel facing her away by a foot or two. As her eyes focused on the face, she frowned. What was he doing? It didn't make sense, and she wasn't about to let it slide. With this she knew without a doubt that Zachariah was pulling something.

"With everything I've heard, you are the last angel I would have thought willing to stand on Zachariah's side. You were judged for them, just as I'm being judged now. You were nearly thrown out for rebelling against that, yet you stand against those of us who refuse to take it any longer. Why, Castiel?" She lowered her blade, unwilling to take action until she heard him out. Cassandra was thankful to see that he lowered his as well. He seemed to hesitate, weighing his words far more than she'd ever known him to. Something was just...off. Her glowing blue eyes narrowed and she stepped closer to him, lowering her voice under the sounds of the battle raging around them. "What has he threatened you with? I know Zachariah too well by now to think a promise of anything good would sway you so much."

"I think you already know the answer to that or you wouldn't be asking." He shook his head and retreated a few paces. His eyes mourned his forced decision, she could see that. She glanced to where she knew Michael was dealing with Zachariah. If more angels had been influenced the same way... She couldn't focus on them all. One at a time.

"Listen to me. We have the numbers and the power. Do you really think he'll come out on top? Or even alive? He can't do anything. He's finished. Please, think about it, Castiel. He wouldn't have been any better on the other side of this all. He would have stayed exactly the same horrible person. It needs to end." He seemed to consider her words carefully, but she was out of time. She heard the movement too late. Turning to make at least an attempt to deflect the blade heading for her, she was shocked when it never reached her. Instead, she found herself staring at the back of a head. Castiel had moved faster, getting between her and her assailant.

It surprised her, but she could worry about the recklessness later. For the moment, she moved around him and they attacked together, pushing back hard until one of their blades took an opening, ending the angel. Cassandra turned to Castiel, a slight frown on her lips, though her gaze was soft and thankful.

"Why did yo--" She was cut off by a sudden explosion of power behind her, the force throwing her against Castiel and sending them both flying several yards. Her head pounded from the impact, but she shook it off and scrambled to her feet, turning around to figure out what had happened. As her eyes scanned for the cause, she saw that every angel had been knocked from their feet save one. Michael had succeeded in his fight against Zachariah. It was over. As other angels regained their feet, those who had stood against her surrendered, each stating a various threat Zachariah had made. She tore her eyes from the sight to help Castiel stand back up, offering him a slight smile.

"It's over. I don't know where things will go from here, but I swear to you that if I have any say in it at all, they will both remain safe and untouched. So long as they don't cause trouble, you will all be welcome at Sanctuary any time." He looked struck as he took in her words, but eventually nodded rather than speaking. With a thankful look, he disappeared. She assumed it was to visit his charges. A hand on her shoulder made her jump and whirl around.

"Whoa, hey. It's just me, kiddo." Gabriel grinned and looked her over. "You look like you've been through a blender. How many hits did you take, girly?" Cassandra rolled her eyes at him but allowed Gabriel to escort her over to where Michael waited.

"Enough, probably. It's not like I counted." He laughed at her response and handed her off to his brother, giving her a mock salute and wandering off to annoy other angels. She looked away from her retreating uncle and up to the other one. The one emotion she could read clearly on his face was pride. He pulled her into a hug, careful not to jostle any of her injuries. She laughed against his chest and returned the hug.

"Let's get back and get you cleaned up. We'll discuss what comes next once we sit down and rest."


Cassandra winced as Michael touched a particularly bad cut along her face, though she tried not to flinch away. In a short few seconds, it was healed and he pulled away, smiling at her. She relaxed into the couch with a sigh, stretching her sore muscles. He handed her a glass of water and she took it gratefully, sipping it slowly as she waited for him to speak. When he did, she nearly spit it back out.

"HE WHAT?!" Michael merely nodded to her outburst and continued to explain. She was going to have one hell of a tale to tell when she got back to Sanctuary....
There was a slight sound of wings in Asmodia's office just before Cassandra appeared, looking rather disheveled but no worse for wear and back in her normal form. She was, however, exhausted, but she still had a job to do. Apologizing to Hexus for startling him and giving him a quick pat, she made her way down to the bar. She glanced at the clock on the register, seeing she had only been gone for a few Earth hours. Striding over to Hope, she let her know she was back. The other woman looked her over with a startled expression.

"What happened to you?! You look like Hexus chewed you up and spat you back out! Are you alright?!" Hope's exclamation brought a few stares and she rolled her eyes, smiling slightly.

"It's a very long story that I would prefer Asmodia to be the first to hear. I assure you I'm quite alrigh--" She was cut off for what felt like the thousandth time that day. This time it was Nalia running up to her.

"Avari needs you. A woman came in seeking help and protection. Something she said had her sending me to get you. It seems really important." Cassandra glanced at Hope and, at the woman's nod, took Nalia's hand and allowed the succubus to drag her along back to the lounge. When they arrived, she was confused. She didn't see Avari anywhere, but her confusion was answered when Nalia continued to lead her to the back hallway and all the way to her dressing room door. Nalia rapped on the door in an offbeat pattern and then they waited.


Oh this was bad. Did she really need to have two family emergencies in one day? Cassandra sighed as she emerged into the lounge once more. Hunting down Nalia at the bar with a tablet in her hands, she passed along Avari's message. Nalia thanked her and passed her a drink. She took it and gulped some of it down. Nalia laughed but Cassandra just shook her head.

"You have no idea how much alcohol I wish I had right now. I don't have the time, though. I need to leave." Nalia simply waved her off and went back to her shopping spree. It was Cassandra's turn to laugh and she waved to Gale as she left back to the club. She quickly made her way over and informed Hope of what was transpiring. As well as the fact that she was leaving again.

"Well aren't you just in demand tonight? Go. I've got things handled here. If Asmodia asks where you are, I'll let her know she should talk to Avari."

"I wish I could stay and get lost in mindlessly filling drink orders, but duty calls. Thank you, though. I owe you one...or six." Hope laughed and gave her a hug.

"Just be careful, would you? I don't want to know what her mood would be like if she lost one of her girls and didn't even know she was in trouble." Cassandra agreed, knowing that would be a mood swing for the ages if it ever did happen. Pulling back from the hug, she gave Hope a smile and once again made her way out of the club. She retreated to the same spot as before, sighing as she closed her eyes again and pictured where she wanted to be.


The salt air bombarded her senses before she even opened her eyes. The slight familiarity brought a smile to her lips. Her eyes fluttered open, the color matching what she was looking out at. The water in Greece was beyond beautiful and she always enjoyed when she had time to visit. Cassandra hadn't been back in quite a long time, however. Which was, of course, why the first five places she checked all told her that her half-sister, Titania, had relocated. None of them seemed to know where and she groaned in frustration as she left the last location.

She began to wander as she thought of other places her sister might have gone to. She had a few ideas, but nothing concrete. Cass certainly hoped it wouldn't take weeks to find her. She couldn't bear to be away from home for that long, even if Greece did feel like a piece of her. In her wanderings, she suddenly found herself down by the water. Leaning down, she skimmed her fingers along the surface. Just touching the water seemed to spark a memory for her and she stood back up.

Again she closed her eyes and sought the place in her mind. The clang of something being dropped had her eyes snapping open, looking around for the source. She found herself in a rather nice looking kitchen in what she assumed was a rather large house, if the room she was in was any indication. Ocean blue met deep brown, nearly black. She would recognize that shade of blue hair anywhere.

"Hello, Ania."


It took over an hour to explain everything that had happened to bring her where she was now, asking for her sister's help. Titania still looked like she didn't quite believe her, but she was at least willing to see for herself. The blue-haired Siren rose from the seat she had sunk into at some point, pacing the room.

"You're absolutely sure it was her?"

"Without a doubt. I'd stake my life on it."

"Well, then, I guess there's no other option. Let me get my books. I have a feeling we'll need them if it's the mark you say it is." Titania left the kitchen and rushed upstairs to her little library room, bright blue hair trailing behind her. She knew exactly which shelf to go to and took several heavy tomes out of their places. She then went to her room and grabbed a messenger bag to carry them in. Once they were all packed away, she swung the strap over her head, the bag hitting her leg and eliciting a small "Oof." from her.

Titania scurried back down the stairs and returned to the kitchen where Cassandra awaited her. She nodded her confirmation that she was ready. Clasping hands, Cassandra transported them to the alley between the two buildings. She knew she would have to speak to Asmodia. She had no way of getting to Avari's circle, so she would need the other Queen's assistance. It was just as well, she needed to explain everything to her anyway.

Cassandra ushered Titania through the side door to the club, bringing her straight to the bar. Grinning at Hope, she indicated her sister should take a seat. Hope finished with her patrons and came over to the girls.

"Hey Hope. Do you know where Asmodia is? I need her help getting to Avari's circle." Hope pointed in the direction she'd last seen Asmodia. As Cassandra craned her neck over all the people, she could make out Dradiro's telltale form. She turned back to Hope with another grin and gestured to her sister. "Thanks. Get her whatever she wants, on me. I'll be right back." With that, she made her way through the thickest part of the dance floor to get to Asmodia as quick as possible. As she emerged on the other side, she eyed the goings on. She obviously missed a few things while she had been running around.