A Tear in the Void

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Chronicles of Pellithárias

Pellithárias: With mountains towering to heights where men cannot breathe... with deserts so hot they can cook the brain... with jungles and swamps primordial in their impassibility...

Lost Pellithárias: With four mighty nations standing at swords drawn, with a fragile détente on the verge of shattering... with violence on the horizon, as threatening as thunderheads.

Welcome to Pellithárias. Choose your friends well, and your enemieswarily.

The Chonicles of Pellithárias details a time of paroxysm. The titular world is massive, with four primary factions facing off in a cold war that is about to turn very hot indeed: the mighty Orcs of the Mountains, feared for their technology and humbers. The ancient Elves, experiencing a hubris that is propelling them toward decline. The allied Men and Halflings, whose nation is the breadbasket for the immense pangaeal continent from which Pellithárias takes her name. And the strange Ashtóri, demon-sired dwellers in an immense stratovolcano. It is said that even beyond these internecine squabbles and skirmishes, far worse is threatened to come.

• Be advised that Chronicles of Pellithárias is settled most comfortably in the category of Dark Fantasy. This means that some of the subject matter may be disturbing to the sensitive. Pellithárias is a violent, gritty and sometimes unfair world.

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